OnePlus 2 to OnePlus 5, worth the upgrade?

July 2, 2017 rawkey 0

So I finally cracked up upgraded my trusty OnePlus 2 to a OnePlus 5. I must admit I was sceptical about whether I would stick with OnePlus after they let OnePlus 2 owners down on the OS upgrades with no Nougat. I looked at a few phones of which the LG G6 and essential phones were both getting my interest. [Read more]

Best apps 2016

My favourite Android apps for 2016

January 1, 2017 rawkey 0

Waze The best sat nav I have used, it gets realtime data from all of its users to help you avoid traffic and get to your destination in the quickest time possible. This app has saved me time and fuel on many occasions, I wish everyone used it, it would keep our roads flowing! Facebook Pretty standard this one unless [Read more]

CyanogenMod 13 official for OnePlus 2

July 11, 2016 rawkey 0

Great news for all OnePlus 2 fans to finally to see an official version of CyanogenMod 13 up and running for the OnePlus 2 over at CyanogenMod! I moved off of Oxygen OS a while ago due to frustration with how quickly Oxygen OS was being developed and onto Seraph08’s unofficial build, which worked fine. I have to say the build seems to [Read more]

Attack of the phone clones – OnePlus

June 29, 2016 rawkey 0

So I’ve been a huge fan of OnePlus since they launched, prior to that I had an Oppo find 5 phone but latched onto the news that OnePlus was being created as a startup to attack the western market to help Oppo grow their market share. I bought a OnePlus one as soon as it was available and loved the [Read more]

Nest protect

January 3, 2014 rawkey 0

A US based company called nest have innovated with a smartphone integrated smoke and CO2 detector. It has tonnes of neat features such as it speaking to give you a heads up it has detected smoke rather that just going straight into a loud alarm (great for false alarms). It lets you wave your hand to silence and lights up [Read more]

Zuli smartplugs

January 3, 2014 rawkey 0

Home automation utilising your smartphone is a fast-moving area of technology at the moment. A company called Zuli Inc are developing smart plugs which work with Bluetooth low energy and use location based automation to track your movement around your home. Think about your lights as an example, and when you leave a room they automatically turn on and off [Read more]